It is very challenging situation when your baby cries. It is important to keep your cool and do not let professional or personal tensions getting vented on the baby. Relax and remember in life you have faced numerous challenges successfully; so you will get over this one too. It is tough to listen to crying baby, but have faith in your abilities; you can handle it.

Look for the basic things first:

  • Feed the baby (might be hungry)
  • Burp the child
  • Change the nappies (look for susu & potty)
  • Time to take a nap (child might be sleepy)
  • Child need attention (take child in arm or rocking chair, roam around in room )
  • Look for any accidental injury marks, insect bite that might be hurting the baby
  • Visit your child specialist to rule out any physical illness that might be causing the baby to cry.

What if everything fails?

  • If baby seem fine otherwise but do not stop crying; stay calm (because getting tense or upset will worsen the things). Patience is the biggest virtue when handling children.
  • Remember one thing that crying is neither going to hurt the child nor you.
  • Keep the environment quiet and hold your baby closer to use and sing some song quietly. Or simply keep talking slowly to your child and keep repeating your favorite phrase or words.
  • Give massage or simply pat your baby on back or tummy, it might relax the child.
  • Fresh Air: go to balcony or for a walk on the road nearby. You can even take child for a drive (have a cup of ice cream or something with your spouse on the way back).
  • Talk to your partner and try to relax each other; it might decrease the frustration. (But if unluckily you are all alone, speak out loud , have glass of water , listen to light music and calm yourself)
  • If it is getting beyond you ask for help. Ask your partner, parents, or trusted friends to help.
  • Do not feel guilty; it happens with everyone once in a while. Have faith in your abilities. Sometimes babies just need to cry out loud.
  • It is Ok to find creative ideas for calming the child but NEVER SHAKE YOUR BABY. Because shaking can have devastating effect on health of your child and some irreparable damage might occur like blindness, brain damage and life threatening illness.
  • If you are having emotional issues; it is better to seek help professionally.
  • Take care of yourself in best possible way, so that you are mentally, physically and emotionally prepared.
  • Fathers should support mother as it is their responsibilities too to take care of their baby.