Previously, we told you if there is fat in fruits and vegetables and if there is fat in foods like chicken, egg whites, flour, etc. Here we'll tell you which drinks and condiments that have no or extremely low fat content.

Alcohol: Alcohol by itself is primarily like sugar. So, even though it does not contain fat, alcohol promotes fat storage in the body. Excessive alcohol can affect estrogen levels & growth of man boobs. So, whether it is beer, wine, whiskey or any other liquor, it does not contain fat by itself.
Note: There are many alcoholic cocktails/mixes that contain fat, like White Russian and Bailey's Irish Creme. See this list of highest calorie alcoholic cocktails and lowest calorie drinks at the bar.

Orange Juice: Like the orange fruit, this juice has no fat. But the orange juice available in the market to rage in your bod loaded and would promote fat storage in your body.

Coffee: The Coffee liquor derived from beans and water contains no fat in it. But as soon as you add non skim milk, or cream or ice cream to your coffee drink, its fat content and calorie content increases significantly. If you're making regular stops at the coffee shops for those big coffee drinks.

Mustard: The primary ingredients for yellow mustard are mustard seeds, vinegar, water, sugar and spices. Mustard seeds do contain fat, but since mustard is eaten in small quantities, so the fat content in one tsp of mustard is negligible. But there are many kinds of mustard available- the creamier ones have higher fat content.

Ketchup: Everyone's favourite, ours too :) .. ketchup contains no fat absolutely. In fact latest research is shows that ketchup is good for your heart. Most ketchups contain plenty of sugar, so watch the total consumption, but with the lycopene content, you shouldn't feel guilty.

Salsa: It is one of the healthiest condiments- contains lots of fresh vegetables and spices, and no fat content. With its healthy fresh ingredients, we absolutely recommend eating salsa!

Condiments like mayonnaise, tartar sauce contains lots of unhealthy fat, so watch their consumption! And know that fat can be good for you.