This year the Son god seems to be extra active, with temperatures breaking past records. Here are few simple tips that can help you to keep your self safe and healthy in this season.

  1. Hydration: Keep your self hydrated well all the time, drink 3-4 litres of water, if you work demands you to work out doors or travel on motor bikes, drink even more water.
  2. Work out: For the work out freaks, drink water before you start work outs, even if you are in an AC gym, Drink water during and after exercise. If you enjoy out door work outs, like running or cycling, take a bottle of one litre water with you.
  3. Add quarter tea spoon of  salt and one tea spoon of sugar to this one litre of water, keep on sipping on this as you go through your  out door work out. This is a useful tip for people who need to work out doors for example construction workers, traffic police men, cab and auto drivers.
  4. Increase intake of carbohydrates ( rice, wheat, potato, beat root etc) by about 20 % in your diet,  when exposed to heat, our basal metabolic rate ( BMR) goes up, so body needs more energy, carbohydrates are the primary source of energy. Also, carbohydrates when metabolised ( digested) release water, so that become added source of water to the body.
  5. Drink water before you step out of your house, even if you are going to travel in a car. Always cover your head, 30% of heat exchange takes place from head, even you do not have a fancy hat, just two layers of cotton cloth is good enough protection.
  6. Always keep a bottle of water in car. You never know when you will be in a jam.
  7. It is a common misconception that chilled water intake benefits more, well, it does not make much of difference, even if you have water at normal temperature it will have the same effect.
  8. This excess in energy demand ( as mentioned in point 4) is the reason whey we feel tired early in summer, now we know how we can overcome by a simple measure. For best results, increased quota carbohydrates in diet be consumed before 5 PM, there after restrict intake of carbohydrates as much as you can.
  9. The most common problem faced during summer is heat exauction or Sun stroke. Simple measures mentioned above can prevent Sun stroke. 
  10. Many people , after exposure to hot sun or out door work out take chilled shower or jump in to swimming pool once they are done with the activity, that is not a good idea. When body surface is exposed to cold water, the blood vessels contract, so blood is squeezed in to the " core" of body, in simple words  the heat is pushed in to the inner organs of body. Best way to do is to, wait for some time, sit under a fan, let the sweat dry, drink water, and then take shower or go for swim.
  11. Completely avoid intake of fluid with high content of sugar like glucose  water, colas, sugary juices,very sweet tea or coffee.  All these cause diuresis ( excessive production of urine),  resulting in dehydration. 
  12. Do not eat cut fruits and fruit juices sold on road sides, the heat in weather makes these an excellent breeding ground for bugs, resulting in loose motions, vomiting, fever and food poisoning. Instead buy whole fruit, bring it home, wash well and eat.
  13. MANGO , the king of fruits, no one can resist having mango in this season, but those with diabetes and weight issues must avoid over indulgence, it contains very high quantity of sugar. However, mango is one of the best source of Vitamin A, anti oxidants and fibre, so moderate intake of whole fruit is encouraged. Please avoid packaged mango drinks as they do have added sugar.
  14. Fruits and salads like cucumber, watermelon, coconut water, tomatoes and onions are very good to beat the heat.