As Pediatric dentist, I come across this question  a lot “Is root canal treatment required in kids ??” . Most of us are aware of root canal treatment, as dentist use this very often when we visit them with complaint of severe toothache. Those who are not aware I brief it out as, a treatment modality done to treat deeply carious painful tooth by removing pulp / blood supply of that particular tooth. It is performed under local anesthesia. 

Similar procedure in kids when done on milk teeth is called pulpectomy .We all scare of root canal treatments , its painful and at times complicated. Hence many times when dentist suggests this for your kid, we get scare as he/she is too small to take it.

 I agree , but root canal treatment  as called pulpectomy in kids is one of the treatment modality , which will not harm your kid but help in treating and preventing any kind of further infection which may lead trouble to your kid. 

In case of severe toothache , we ask for medication but when pain goes we assume treatment is done. Its an illusion, trouble recites and it need proper treatment .

Pulpectomy is extensive treatment but its must when advised. Ingnorance may lead to poor oral health, abscess and may cause trouble to upcoming teeth for future. Like root canal treatment , pulpectomy is also followed by crown. In case of kids we offer stainless steel crown  and zirconia crowns. Pediatric dentists / Pedodontists are experts in kids dentistry,  they spend extra 3 years in expertising child management, they are right person to treat your kid  with perfection and care.