If we look into the success stories, parents have been the most valuable assets. Celebrities from players to actors, writers to civil servants everyone have always mentioned the role of parents.

There has been a gradual shift in parenting. Trends like single parenting, gay or lesbian parents have come into focus. Be whatever the trend is, parenting always helps the child to develop an efficient mind.

However, in today’s busy world, parents hardly are available with ample amount of time to spend on their children. Many of them are taken care by professional helpers like nannies or babysitters or crashes. Although, the care may be very genuine and the best, but somewhere it prevents the bonding of the child with his/her parents. Though parents may be trying their best to give the best support to their kids, but somewhere still there is a lacking of compassion that a mother or a father can give to her/his child.

Besides, as in India the initial process of socialization starts from home, thus when parents are more involved, the better socialization the child gets and the same child can transfer the values to the next generation by being an active parent.

Additionally, since the time when a child is able to understand that there is someone who is there to support- be it mother or father or both- it positively ensures self confidence and reduces any fear of failure. Such kids really can excel in any field and can perform to their best abilities. And in case they fail, the stress may be felt less as they are always supported by their parents.

Thus parenting is much needed for a child at least in the initial period of life. And as parents one must actively participate in boosting confidence and showing support to perform better.