Braces aren't just for kids anymore.In fact,adults now comprise more than 20% of patients who seek the help of an orthodontist.In some cases,treatment consists of only removable appliances or retainers.In others,clear or tooth colored brackets,instead of traditional metal ones,can be used,or a patient may choose a system using clear matrices or lingual braces,which are mounted behind the teeth.

Orthodontics is a long lasting ,conservative approach to close unsightly spaces between teeth.New techniques that are almost invisible have removed some of the stigma of having braces;however,orthodontics does take longer than most of the other options.

Orthodontics may be best option if you:

1.Want to use the most conservative method,in terms of cost and loss of tooth structure.

2.Are willing to invest time in the procedure.

3.Don't mind some compromise of esthetics during treatment.

4.Will agree to wear your retainer at night indefinitely.

5.Have otherwise healthy and attractive teeth.


As a compromise,you may consider moving the teeth to a  more favorable position in just a  few months,then bonding or placing veneers on them in this improved position.The advantage to this is being able to give the teeth better proportions.


Orthodontics is the best solution for most people. Even if full crowns eventually will be needed,teeth should be aligned properly first.And although orthodontic treatment requires regular adjustments and the most time of the alternatives-usually taking 6 months to 2 years to complete-it has the advantage of leaving the natural teeth intact and being close to a permanent solution.

Bonding, porcelain veneers,or crowns ,on the other hand, will usually require repair or periodic replacement.


1.Brush and floss daily.

2.Have a professional cleaning 3-4 times per year,atleast few nights per week.

3.Wear retainers at night indefinitely.

4.Use a water-powered device daily for thorough  cleaning.

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