What makes you fat ?? Is it a diet or anything else too ??

Diet is one of the factor which is responsible for weight gain but there are few more factors which are responsible for weight gain too.


  • DIET:  Due to sedentary lifestyle and hectic schedules people opt for easy available food. It is not only tastier but we get addictive to it. Highly processed food not only decreases the nutritive value of product but also can lead to weight gain. Packed and processed food increases the risk of weight gain.
  • SLEEP AND STRESS:Sleep is also one of the major factor which leads to weight gain. Not taking proper sleep will lead to unbalanced hormones and metabolism also becomes slow which lead to weight gain. Not sleeping on time also increases your hunger cravings which leads to late night munching and it further  leads to weight gain.
  • DEPRESSION: People with depression lack interest in life. They often present with symptoms like lack of energy, fatigue, insomnia or excessive sleep, long term headaches. Some people chooses food to get relief in  their symptoms and improve their mood that lead to  weight gain.  In severe cases, the psychiatrist might prescribe anti-depressants too. Further, anti-depressants will also lead to weight gain.
  • GENES:  Obesity is passed through genes as well but someone has rightly said " IT RUNS IN THE FAMILY BECAUSE NO ONE RUNS IN THE FAMILY.." so, genes could also be the one reason why you are not loosing weight.
  • AGE: As our age increase our metabolism slows down. Slow metabolism takes time for digestion and also leads to weight gain. So, it is advised to exercise daily for at least 45 minutes to avoid such problems.
  • MEDICAL CONDITIONS: There are certain medical condition which hinder weight loss like PCOD, hypothyroidism, sleep apnea. According to the medical condition one should take the diet so that no further problem can occur.   
  • IBS:   IBS means INTESTINAL BOWEL SYNDROME. If you have digestion issues and you feel bloated and heaviness in body then this could also be the reason of weight gain.
  • EDEMA:  Edema is a condition in which their is water retention in body. If not taken care off this could lead to weight gain.
  • LACK OF PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: Due to poor lifestyle people are not indulging into any physical activity. The calorie intake should be equal to the calorie output.If we are only consuming calories we are making store house for fat in our body due to which we gain weight. so it is advised that one should engage himself in some or the other physical activity like gym, yoga, walk, jogging, swimming, etc. A minimum 45 min. of exercise is recommended.

Consult a experienced dietitian who can guide you correctly and help you in making lifestyle change. 

Enjoy journey to health..!!