When should the dental care of Children start?

Dental care starts even before first tooth appears. You can use wet cloth to wipe over gums (so that harmful bacteria might not grow).

After teeth starts to come, you can follow these tips:

  • Brush teeth regularly twice a day.
  • Use water and PEA size toothpaste to brush teeth.
  • Always encourage kids to spite out while brushing teeth.
  • Supervise your kids till the age of 6 years or so; after that they are unlikely to swallow the toothpaste.
  • Avoid putting a child to sleep with bottle. When milk and other sugar containing food items remain in contact with teeth for long hours, it can result in dental carries/cavities.
  • It is absolutely fine to let your kid practice brushing themselves but it should be followed by you brushing teeth properly over every surface of teeth. (tongue and gumline too)
  • After you are finished with brushing, make sure your kid rinse the mouth with water and spit. Do not swallow.

Whenever in doubt or if you have more queries, visit your Dentist or child specialist.