According to Ayurveda, there is a whole lot of goodness available in food items that we use daily without a second thought. Let us take the example of the humble Mishri. We have all seen it, and we can identify it and have happily consumed it with saunf at the end of a hearty meal. But, never for once do we stop and marvel at the benefits of the khadi Shakar or mishri.

Someone even slightly familiar with Ayurveda (in fact even the unfamiliar ones) would know that this crystallized form of sugar is good for digestion. But what are its other benefits? 

To start with, it is an excellent home remedy for cough. As per Ayurveda, khadi shakar is an extremely powerful medicine to fight the Kapha Dosha. The most popular dose is to mix it with equal parts black pepper and grind into a smooth powder. 1 tsp of this powder should be taken before going to bed for a relaxing sleep and getting rid of the cough.

It is a great energy booster and also beneficial for lactating mothers. It also helps improve the hemoglobin levels, thereby helping you overcome fatigue, dizziness, and nausea. A comparatively lesser-known use of this powerhouse of energy is that it helps in stopping nose bleeding. Mixing it with water and pouring a few drops, immediately cools down the body temperature, stopping the bleeding.

Although, it is also a form of sugar, being in its natural form without any chemical processing ensures that it is a much healthier option as compared to white sugar.