Are you a regular drinker? You may reason it out saying that alcohol in moderate quantities is a stress buster at the end of a busy and stressful day. Drinking beer or wine may be helping put aside your worries temporarily or maybe it is just a way to have fun with your buddies. Whatever may be the reason, the fact is that alcohol is a slow poison. It opens the doorway to a number of serious illnesses of heart, liver, brain and the list is endless. The cost you pay for little benefits is too high.

Going off alcohol is a must for the cholesterol and heart in the long run. Ditch the malt and try these stress-buster activities instead and enjoy a healthy heart in return:

1. Swimming 

Dive into the pool and stretch your muscles. It is super relaxing in water and also pumps up the heart. Give it 20 to 30 minutes and make a fresh start to the week. You can choose any other sports of your choice, if you have a preference. Sports release endorphins, i.e. happy hormones and are excellent anti-depressants.

2. Cooking 

Eat healthy, stay healthy. Make yourself a fresh salad and fruit juices to detox the body. Learn many more to cook through the week.

3. Go Gyming 

Go for a 30-minute cardio workout; let your heart race up and the mind cooldown.

4. Music 

Spend the evening after a day-long work with some of your favourite numbers. In fact, de-stress with the soothing music of your favourite singers. Feel the calmness with your playlist on. If you can play a musical instrument, or always wanted to learn one, then now isthe time!

5. Party without boozing 

Let the Friday night party go on. Enjoy the fruit mocktails and iced herbal drinks and quirky juices as you bid a farewell to alcohol. Enjoy the company of your friends and feel good about yourself instead of using alcohol to do that for you.

6. Dancing 

Burn the dance floor on Saturday. Dance out your heart and heal the damage that alcohol has dealt to your body till now. Rock and roll to your favourite tunes and sweat it out.

7. Meditation and yoga 

Slow down on Sunday. Calm yourself with yoga poses. Play some instrumental music as you sit and meditate. Let each breath be deeper and soothing.

8. Walking 

As you get back to work, go for a stroll in the garden for 30 minutes for at least 4-5 times a day. Breathe in the pure and fresh air as you pace up the walk.

9. Running 

It is time to run, run, run. Run or jog at a beach or in the neighbourhood park for about 20 minutes. Race up with a friend to feel a high without alcohol.

10. Go for trekking 

Take a break, go hiking. Flock with strangers and climb up to make new friends through the rocky road. This way of socialising is good for the heart too.In nutshell, abstain from alcohol and fill up your life with creative hobbies, fun people and feel closeto nature and yourself to enjoy a high without dealing a heavy blow to your heart with the malt!