................ . . In these inflation ridden times ,some easy to follow low cost health tips . 

 1). Decide your health budget - have a ceiling on the amount spent on groceries , snacks , eating out , fitness regimes ... 

 2). Plan your meals - make a weekly menu ....shop twice a week for vegetables , once a week for fruits and once a month for other groceries 

 3). Buy only seasonal produce . .. It's fresher and cheaper . .. 

4 ) .Buy , freeze and stock green peas , chillies , corn , mushrooms when in season . Tomato and mango pulp can be easily frozen and stored for several weeks ....... 

 5) Restrict eating out - Rather than random , impulsive restaurant trips and over the counter junk food and snacks , plan an occasional visit to a good eating place .Often , it's not the food but the experience of eating out that one desires 

 6). Eat basic , simple foods at home ...a single , one dish menu would be ideal . Mixed dal khichdi , a soup with whole grain bread , wheat pasta with assorted vegetables , daliya ( porridge made with broken wheat) , sautéed vegetables rolled in chapatis are some nutritious yet budget meals 

 7) Choose filtered water over bottled water unless there is an epidemic ...our guts can happily take in more microbes with the innumerable ones already swarming inside . 

 8) Exercise at zero cost - Walk , jog , cycle , yoga ...no need to spend on gyms and fitness equipment . Swab the floor and wash your own clothes ..nothing better to keep your spine flexible ! ........ ..... 

9 ) Learn cooking - if every male member too trains in basic , healthy cooking ,eating costs and food wastage can come down phenomenally ... ..besides , is there a more comforting sight than a Man with a Pan ?