Q.Can I have pearly white teeth?

A. Of course one can have pearly white teeth, if you take care of it properly.

Getting your teeth periodic scaling is the first step. This cleans the dirt in the teeth.

To whiten it further, there is professional teeth whitening or bleaching.

Q.What is professional teeth bleaching?

A.After the scaling procedure, the dentist applies a bleaching solution on the teeth and this is activated with a bleaching light. This whitens the teeth in approximately 15 min (this may vary individually).

Q.Can bleaching be done at home?

A. Yes this is another bleaching method, where a special custom made tray is fabricated and the whitening agent is applied using this tray on the teeth.

Q.How do i decide which is suitable for me?

A.Visit the dentist and get a professional opinion. All the best for your pearly whites.