Dental implants are very much like your own teeth. It is important to keep them clean by flossing in between the teeth, so that implants are free from calculus deposits and plaque formation. A part from brushing and flossing it is also important to make regular dental visits to maintain implants for longer duration. It is essential to keep good oral hygiene after implant surgery or any oral surgery for that matter. There are different types of floss available: unwaxed floss, waxed floss, dental tape (it is a broader type which can be waxed or unwaxed). Also there is floss pick version which is more convenient to use specially in the back area, around the molar where the regular thread floss cannot reach easily. Flossing can also be done in implant supported dentures, in the area between the denture and the implant placed. Dentists mostly recommend water floss for flossing after implant placement. It serves best hygiene levels and can help achieve maximum self- maintenance for implants to last longer. 

Floss thread used around implant

Flossing can be done with single implant or full mouth implant supported denture. Generally, as said earlier water floss is the best way to keep your implants free from minute food particles, depositing on the implant surface. Water floss is best used in cleaning full mouth implant supported dentures, which helps to clean the underlying surface.

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