Chemical Peeling is basically a procedure in which certain fruit acids are applied to your skin to achieve a desired effect . It may be used as a first line therapy or as an add on therapy to medical line of management. Various indications for chemical peeling include treatment of pimples, pigmentation as also for anti-ageing and glow. Its an OPD based procedure and hardly takes 10-15 mins to complete the procedure. First the affected area (face, arms, back etc) is cleansed to remove the dirt and oil, which helps in better penetration of the peel. 

Second a thin layer of this fruit acid is applied over the affected area. This is kept for 10 mins to several hours depending on the peel used. Once the peel is washed certain post-procedure care needs to taken. It includes strict sun protection, moisturizing the skin with a mild moisturiser, avoidance of any harsh chemicals on the face for few days. Peeling sessions are usually done every 15-20 days apart. Observable results are ideally seen with minimum of 3-5 sessions. However the required number of sessions may depend on patient to patient as skin of every patient and every body area is different. Once the desired result is achieved, peeling can be continued once in 2-3 months to maintain the acquired results. Side-effects are rare if done properly and under the supervision of a qualified dermatologist. It includes slight irritation, redness, which may be temporary. 

To conclude , chemical peeling is a safe, effective, OPD based procedure to tackle various skin problems and achieve desired results. Hardly takes any time and can be done on long term basis as well. 

Procedure for chemical peeling of face