Our love for bread has been enormous. Be it eating a sandwich or bread upma we have been in complete love with our loaf of bread.With the times changing the food companies have been coming up with various versions of healthy bread looking at how conscious the world has been becoming with regards to their health. One such bread is  brown bread.

As we all know that white bread is made up of maida and can be bad for people battling excess weight, diabetes and various other health issues. Hence most of us decided to switch onto brown bread as it looks healthy due to the colour and has been marketed as really healthy by various food companies.  But is it really the truth?

Is there a difference?

Let's dig into the truth to know more-

While the color might look appealing do not be lured by the tall claims made by various bread brands. The brown bread which you see is nothing but your normal bread with added caramelized sugar or brown dye.Always what you see might not be the truth. The color added to the white bread makes it look healthy,crusty and beautiful. The truth...brown bread is not healthier than white bread,In fact it is worse than your white bread loaf.So beware!!

Whenever you buy a particular bread pack look for the ingredients behind. If you see terms like added wheat flour,enriched with wheat flour ,with the goodness of whole grains practice caution. This is a way to mislead customers so that they go ahead a bread pack thinking that it's healthy.

Do we have healthier alternatives ?

Yes we do have healthier alternatives like rye bread, spelt bread in the market but these are little difficult to find as compared to their unhealthy fellow bread loaves. Rye bread and spelt bread has a nutty texture and have been known to keep the blood and cholesterol levels in check unlike white and brown bread which can lead to spikes in blood sugar levels.

So beware whenever you wish to buy a product from the market.Read the labels and then act accordingly :)

Beware and choose the best !!