Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a very common problem seen nowadays mainly due to our sedentary  lifestyle and food habits. As the name itself suggests, in IBS irritation to bowel will be there which causes all the symptoms like  pain and irritation immediately after food intake, repeated bowel evacuation,pain before and after passing motion etc. 

          According to modern science there is no specific reason for IBS and treatment also limited . But it can be well explained and managed with Ayurvedic medications. As the medications used in ayurveda are organic ,body accept it readily without  any side effects. Especially in IBS where already inflammation in there in  intestine, it  will get irritated further with any inorganic (chemicals) medicines. So natural medicines are the best options in IBS.

           All the conditions related to Inflammatory bowel disease can be considered as GRAHANI ROGA according to ayurveda. The treatment told to Grahani Roga is  very much scientific and time tested. The treatment protocol practically giving very good results even in chronic patients of IBS.

Treatment protocol includes

  1. Healing of the inflammation.
  2. Correction of the digestion.
  3. Strengthening the system.
  4. Maintenance of the bowel health.
  • Healing the inflammation:

              It is done by administration of natural ayurvedic medicines orally. The medicines required to heal the inflammation and irritation in the bowel are used.

  • Correction of the digestion: 

           It is very important to correct the digestion process hampered in  IBS. It is done by internal medications which improve digestion.

  • Strengthening the system:

            We advice some Rasayana (Rejuvenation) to strengthen the Gastro-intestinal system even after subsiding  of  symptoms to avoid the recurrence  of the disease

  • Maintenance of the bowel health:

           This is done by advising healthy food and lifestyle, which is ( not following ) the main cause for IBS.

With these protocol we can manage the condition very effectively and with simple cost effective natural medications without any bad effect to the body.Based on our practical experience Ayurveda is the best option in IBS and related bowel disorders. We will discuss about cases treated with above said treatment protocols with best results in future articles.