Good looks and personality are the prime requisite these days for our self confidence and self-esteem. Once we have this at our side then we can excel in whichever field we are. Our smile is one of the first thing that is noticed. So braces are the most conservative and most permanent treatment option to achieve the desired smile. The various type of braces option are:

1) Metallic

2) Ceramic

3) Lingual

4) Invisible

In adults although all these options are possible but we feel reluctant to get these because of following reasons.

1) Cosmetically unpleasant:  As the normally done braces are visible –It is not always comfortable cosmetically because of our social commitments.

2) Not removable: Once they are put or fixed- They cannot be removed even for a very important function or an occasion.

3) They are more uncomfortable – Can lead to mouth ulcers, more pressure, more discomfort.

So the good news is – we now have the treatment of option of aligners or commonly called as invisible braces which overcome all these limitation. 

1) They are totally transparent.

2) Although they are totally invisible but can be  removed just before any important function or occasion. 

3) Minimal pain or side effects.

There are various brands available now such as Invisalign etc. Your orthodontist will help you in deciding the right system for you. We are now about to solve even the most complicated cases with the help of aligners.

So now you can look the best and maintain your teeth in function and hygiene by invisible braces or transparent braces.