A great smile is always a great introduction. 

But we all have been wary of the metallic braces. 

The advent of leading aligner companies like Invisalign into the Indian markets and the upsurge of healthcare has seen the considerable rise in Adult orthodontics.

having done two advanced training courses under doctors from abroad, and seeing a vast number of Invisalign and transparent braces cases in my clinic gives me an advantage to address and write about some commonly asked questions.

Q. Do aligners work?

A. Yes, the do. However unlike regular braces aligners are patient dependent. So only if the patient is diligent with them do they work. If the patient does not wear it, then that is the only case it doesn't work.

In my practice, I have been using Aligners since 2012. I have used the Dubai based version ( ClearPath), The Indian versions and the gold standard Invisalign. The qualities are extremely different which clearly translates on the finish achieved. 

Q. Are aligners comfortable?

A. The first three days that aligners are started are as bad as braces. However in the long run, Aligners are way more comfortable. Also the fact that one can eat or drink absolutely almost anything makes it a choice for many people especially teenagers. Some companies like Invisalign have a tailor made option for teenagers called Invisalign Teen. 

Comfort wise, Invisalign has a smart track material which essentially is more comfortable than the Indian based ones and slightly better off than the Dubai based version. 

Q. Who can get Invisalign/ clear aligners done?

A. Anybody from the age of 11 to 70 yrs of age can get Invisalign or any form of Orthodontic treatment done. As long as the bone and gum condition is good. My youngest patient is 14 yrs old, and the oldest is 72 yrs of age. 

Q. What are the different types of Invisible braces? 

A. We have the basic age old ceramic (tooth colored) braces, Lingual braces (on the tongue side) and Clear aligners (Invisalign, Flash, ClearPath & ClearBite).

Q. Can one do aligners or Invisalign for cases needing extractions?

A  Invisalign and extractions can be done, but only under an experienced doctor. Someone who knows how to bend the aligners basically and extract maximum out of them.