Among the latest and most effective exercise routine for fast fat loss, improving performance, raising fitness levels, increasing endurance or getting started on a regular fitness regime interval training has been the touted to most effective routine.

Short burst of high intensity training for a short period of time is known as Interval Training. You can do interval training with almost any kind of exercise. Interval training requires you to do a certain exercise with full power for a small duration and then rest for some time and repeat. For beginners a 1:3 ratio is recommended. It means every exercise is done for 10 seconds, also called a set, which is then repeated three times for ten seconds each without giving a gap.

Interval training helps in burning fast calories and is highly effective for someone who is looking to get into shape fast. You can do interval training with sprinting, cycling training, high intensity interval training etc. Interval training is tough but effective in improving your performance. You can increase the intensity of the exercise according to your capacity and fitness levels. You can do 60 seconds of interval training which will test your guts and then rest. You could do skipping, squat jumps, sprinting etc for high intensity interval training which will quickly burn the energy reserves and then burn the fat in your body.

This mode of training is effective for beginners as well as regular fitness enthusiasts. Interval training increases the heart rate and builds endurance and strength. It must be noted that a high intensity workout must be alternated with rest or moderate workout for recovery.

The type of interval you perform varies with your objective of Interval training. If you want to build cardio endurance then aerobics interval is suitable for you. Anaerobic interval helps improve sprinting and power for sports. Weight lifting is a kind of anaerobic training and when done with heavy weights it can be done as interval training.

Some Interval Training exercises for Weight loss and high Fitness Levels

Stair Climbing: If you live in a building with 4 floors or have access to an long alley of stairs then get started with stair climbing interval. with all your power sprint up the stairs without resting or intentionally decreasing your power. Once you reach up walk down easily and do 6-8 intervals per session. It improves your heart rate, increases performance and burns quick calories.

Swimming: If you have been lazing around in the water and looking to improve your fitness levels then change your mode of training. All you need to do is swim with high intensity for an entire length and then rest or moderately come back. Do 10-12 lengths of high intensity lengths. Same benefits as stair climbing.

Cycling: Do interval training with cycling, elliptical etc. Do high intensity cycling for atleast one minute without resting or stopping in between and then rest for 2 minutes and then again do the interval. Do 8-10 high intensity one minute or more bouts.

Treadmill: Many people religiously stick to their treadmills and continuously run on the treadmill according to their comfort levels. But for weight loss change the running to interval training. Do one - two minutes of high intensity running and then slow it down one to two levels below for 4 minutes and then run again at high intensity for two minutes and rest again with lower speed.