The first and foremost thing that I would say to those looking forward to lose fat is, “You cannot lose fat if you do not keep your calorie intake in negative.” That is, eat a little bit lesser than what you expend on the day. So without wasting your time let me go straight into the diet plan.

Eat 6 Meals a day:
To keep the metabolism of your body high, you have to eat frequent meals. Rather than eating three large meals, 6 evenly spaced small meals can be utilized better by your body. You will get an uninterrupted supply of protein to maintain your hard earned muscle. By eating small frequent meals, you will give the body the necessary source of energy in regular basis. So your body will be in a good balanced state and so it won’t produce the chemical enzymes to convert food into fat storage. But if you eat infrequent meals, the body will go into a panic mode and will start storing fats under your skin in order to withstand long time without food. 
Planning to make this 7 or 8 meals is also a wise decision.

The calorie game:

The most important factor in determining how much weight you gain or how much weight you lose is the calorie count of the food that you consume daily. As I said earlier, you have to be in a negative calorie balance in order to lose weight and fats. 

You must remember one more thing. Human body has the best adapting mechanism. So if you keep your calorie balance negative always, the results will slow down and your body will simply adapt to the situation and will stop you from loosing weight and fat. In order to over smart the body’s adaptation, we must learn to cheat. What??? Ya. Cheat in the right sense. Plan for two continuous cheat meals every three or four days. After three or four days of continuous negative calories, your body might think of shifting gear and it will try to adapt to the situation. But if you place a high calorie meal at this point, you will no longer be negative calorie balance. Instead you will be in a positive calorie balance. So your body won’t get adapted to the situation and will continue to support you in loosing fat. There is one more advantage of cheat meal. It helps to pack on some more lean muscle onto your body. In order to maintain the added muscle tissue, your body has to spend some more calories that you eat. So it increases your fat burning capacity. If you are obese by nature then space the cheat meals 5-6 days apart.

The macronutrient ratio:

Consume 60% carbohydrates, 30% proteins and 10% fats. The right way to consider is, - “ If I consume 100 calories, then 60 calories should be from carbs, 30 calories should be from protein and 10 calories should be from fats”.

Why on the basis of calories? 

It is because,1 g protein = 4 calories, 1 g of carbohydrate = 4 calories and 1g of fat = 9 calories. So fats constitute more than twice the amount of calories from protein or carbohydrates.

Time your carbs:

You can consume more carbs during your breakfast, before your workouts and even after your workouts. But it should be lesser during the night. Why? As we all know carbohydrates are source of energy. If we consume carbs and go to sleep, then the energy consumed could not be used up by the body. So in turn the body will try to convert it into fats. So we must consume more carbs before high physical activity hours of the day and try to keep it very low during the low activity hours of the day and in night.

What carbohydrates?

Try to consume fibrous and starchy carbohydrates. And try to stay away from sugars, as they can increase your insulin levels and can spoil your diet. But consuming sugar carbohydrates immediately after training can help you replenish the lost glycogen stores in your muscle.

Never starve:

When ever you go into a negative calorie balance, take care that you do not reduce your calories drastically. Reducing the calorie levels by 10-15% is safe. A fat loss enthusiast might try to reduce his calories by 50%. This should decrease his weight faster than the earlier…. But it will never result that way.

First of all, when he tries to drastically cut down his calories, his body will go into the panic mode. So now its concern would be to protect itself from the scarcity of food. To hold one kg of fat under your skin, you need not expend a considerable amount of calories, but if your hold 1 kg of muscle, you need much more calories than fats. So the body will consider the situation and start giving you energy from the hard earned muscle. So after one week of this diet, he might have lost more weight than the other people on a safe diet. But from the second week the results will go down and will eventually stop. If we analyze his body composition, he would not have lost much fat and would have lost much more muscle. So if we consider the proportions of muscle and fat, muscle would be lesser than before and his fat would be nearly the same or even more. So his net fat % would be more. 

Why did the weight loss come to a halt in this person?

As I said earlier, the body can adapt very fast. Earlier it would have been on 3000 calories. So when the subject cut it down to 1500 calories, the human body adapted itself to 1500 calories by using up some muscle tissue as energy source and by retaining fat under the skin for future scarcity situation. So after this point if the subject tries to drop more calories the same drastic way, the body will adapt. And at a point he would get totally hopeless on fat loss and might start to eat normally again. But now his body has adapted to very less calories. So even 2000 calories would be excess for it and it will deposit it as fat under your skin. This is the most common mistake that people do and complain that their diet is not working. 

These are the building blocks of constructing your fat loss diet. Construct your fat loss diet sensibly and achieve your desired goals.