Generally the treatment of Diabetes commences as just Diet Control. Subsequently, progressing to use of anti-diabetic medication (tablet) in incremental doses, from only 1/2 tablet per day to multiple doses of the same tablet or combination of different generics. Enter the Insulin: You cannot be insulated from Insulin for a long time.

When the need arises, the needle comes forth. This can be depicted as follows -

Pancreas = BankMoney = InsulinTablets   =        Checks/Pay Orders

When you have enough money (Insulin), you make merry just popping a few pills now and then. But when the deposit dissolves, bankruptcy looms large, calling for external funds (Insulin Injections). Balance the book (Maintain insulin levels) to prevent insolvency.

 Accept the reality or reserve a seat in Heaven.........or Hell (wherever you fit in). Health is paramount, all else is nil account

Ok, count on.