Plantar warts is the condition most difficult to treat especially when they are present in a large number. In the present study I have attempted to evaluate the role of Immunomodulatory drugs such as levamisole and Vitamin A in the treatment of plantar warts.

Altogether one hundred ninety six clinically diagnosed patients of planter warts were included in this study. Methods: Levamisole 150 mg ( 50 mg in case of children < 12 years of age) was given twice a week for two months and 50000 IU of VITAMIN A (25000 IU in case of children < 12 years of age) was given daily for 15 day and repeated after an interval of 15 days. Total duration of study was two months and patients were followed up for another one month. This study was standard mono therapy regimen where no Surgical, Laser and local therapy were given.Results: Total 156 patients completed this study. Pain was present in 52 ( 33.3% ) patients at the start of treatment.

The family history of similar disease was seen in 42 ( 26.8% ) patients. Complete resolution was seen in 119 (76. 29%) patients while 37 (23.71%) patients did not show any improvement after 12 weeks of follow up. Rapid pain control was seen after two weeks of therapy.Conclusion: 76.29% clearance of plantar warts shows that Levamisole in combination with Vitamin A are very good agents to increase the Cell Mediated Immunity and thereby clearance of warts, therefore it should be considered as a first line therapy for plantar warts instead of using destructive and painful treatment especially in children.