Every individual wants to look beautiful and without a good smile that notion becomes quite impossible to achieve as rightly said: “Beauty is power and smile is its sword”. And you can’t have good smile until and unless you have a good set of teeth.

Tooth with time gets chipped off or fractures due to accidents or undergoes dental decay and requires restoration in order to improve the health of teeth.


Restorative dentistry has offered Inlays and on lays which are quite different from normal restoration. They are indicated in cases where direct restorations are not possible due to extensive decay. They are precisely and custom made according to each cavity.


1. Large restorations

2. Re restoration cases

3. Endodontically treated teeth

4. Better aesthetics cases

5. Teeth at risk of fracture


1. Small restorations

2. Extensive caries

3. Young patient           

Inlays and on lays differ only in their placement. The restorations are prepared in the lab after taking impressions of the prepared tooth. Inlays consist of a substance which is fitted and cemented into the prepared cavity while on lay replaces the missing cusp and provides additional support. Inlay fits within the cavity while Onlays cover the cusps of the cavity.

These procedures usually take two appointments to complete. Inlays and Onlays are offered when the damage is quite extensive and normal dental filling would not be beneficial on the other hand there is enough tooth structure so crowns are not required. In this way, minimal tooth cutting is required which conserves the original anatomy of the tooth.

Various materials like Porcelain which is frequently used as it exactly matches the tooth colour or Composite resin or Gold is used.


  • Inlays are better in terms of resistance to occlusal forces, marginal integrity, proper contouring of gingival health and ease of cleaning. 
  • Onlays play a better role in cuspal fracture as compared to amalgam or composite restoration.
  • These restorative methods are conservative in nature.
  • Inlays and Onlays are more durable compared to dental fillings.
  • They help to strengthen the overall tooth structure as compared to traditional fillings. 
  • They prolong the life of tooth so the chances of replacement are nil.

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