Changing demographics, ever increasing air pollution, air conditioned houses and different dietary habits have increased the prevalence of Asthma. This has resulted in Inhalers being given out almost as a lifestyle Accessory.

Statistics: About 25% of children in Bangalore have asthma. Experts have warned that asthma is being over diagnosed in children, given medications, they don’t need. Many researches suggests that many children diagnosed with asthma do not actually have the condition, raising concerns about the impact of unnecessary treatments.

Many parents of children with asthma worry that inhalers contains corticosteroids. Doctors are wrongly taking the slightest wheeze as a sign of the condition.

Diagnosis: Doctors diagnose the case with case history of breathing problems, wheezing or cough without any clinical tests and the child is put on Inhalers.

Side-effects: Inhalers can involve severe side effects like growth suppression and reduction in immune activity in the airways. Children who use inhalable steroids for asthma grow slower than their peers. Scientists voice concern that over-diagnosis of asthma is exposing patients to potentially harmful side effects of medications they don’t need. Parents need to know and be reassured that in the majority of asthma cases can be managed well with the right treatment and appropriate monitoring, not necessarily with the prescribed heavy dosage of medications.

Conclusion: The aim of this article is to highlight the recognized adverse effects of inhalers. Many parents are concerned about their children’s health. It is recommended that special care like regular physical activity / sports, healthy food habits can go a long way in avoiding respiratory diseases. For those already afflicted, therapies like Salt room treatment are very favourable. Salt room therapy being a drugless treatment without any side effects, it is a viable alternative to heavy dosage of medications. With a few sessions itself the body immunity is improved and the susceptibility to frequent respiratory issues is overcome.