Writing anything that concerns kids is difficult because it’s obviously not read by children but by their mothers. I am not ashamed to admit that when I was young mother many years ago I remember being completely obsessed with my children. A mild cough, a slight fever, a runny nose or even a handful of sneezes would make me run frantically to the doctor. So it’s not really difficult for me to empathize with the kind of stress mothers go through when their children are not well. And if you are living in the part of world where pollution levels are so very high, one comes across such unwell kids and worried mothers all the time.

Mothers who are tired of their kids coughing at night, having runny or blocked noses always. Kids who refuse to eat, or are extremely restless while asleep and breathe heavily, of kids who constantly throw tantrums and are always irritable. Typically such children want to hover around their mothers, holding on to them to find comfort from their uneasy physical condition. The uneasiness is obviously caused by their inability to breathe normally, clinically speaking the condition could be bronchitis, allergic bronchitis, inflammation of the upper airways or any other kind of respiratory allergy.

Why is it that children suffer more from such respiratory issues? 

There are many reasons for this.

- Children’s lungs are not fully developed till the age of 8 or 9 years, their capacity to clean the inhaled air is less compared to that of a normal adult.

- Besides children are small and inhale closer to the ground. The heavy impurities of the air are the closest near the ground and children end up inhaling them.

- Another very obvious reason is that vehicular emissions are the highest near the ground. If your child happens to be close to a vehicle, chances are that he will inhale the maximum of that smoke or fume.

- Also children breathe faster than adults so the amount of polluted air that inhale is also much higher.

The harm caused to your little one’s lungs because of all these reasons can be minimized but not completely eliminated. Medication is not an answer for such pressing allergies, they certainly bring relief but only temporarily, besides too much medication has its own side effects. So how can you ensure that your little one does not have to play with inhalers anymore and gets the cleanest environment to breathe in without you having to worry about his health?

The answer lies in a natural treatment called salt therapy that can help you ensure that your child is inhaling the best quality of air available. During an hour long session in the salt room, while your child is busy playing with toys, or watching cartoons on TV, or squatting on the floor playing with salt and filling up his sand toys with it, the pure salt aerosol enters your child’s lungs. As it flows through the airways, all accumulated mucous starts to melt and even before it reaches the smallest bronchioles of the lungs the airways are already cleansed of allergy-causing- mucous. A few more sessions later, your child has his healthy lungs back again and symptoms of blockage disappear. His normal breathing is restored, uneasiness and irritability subside, appetite is enhanced and all this with no medicines and certainly no side effects.

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