Change always comes with a lot of chaos n conflicts. Similarly, Women revolution or liberation brought not only the empowerment of women but also rooted some alarming issues in women. Infertility is among one of them. Revolution at all level whether the Industrial revolution, French revolution, US revolution collectively started three hundred years ago, where women participated. Since then we are witnessing a lot of changes in women, especially at the physical layer. Women internalized the wrong message that they are as superior as men are concerned & physically too. Since then the internal changes started. Hormonal imbalance in the female is the validation of such internalization. 

The question is why women are not as fertile as they were earlier? Why is womb not capable to procreate? What goes wrong with the basic design of a woman? Why during the pregnancy progesterone is being ingested externally? Here one needs to know progesterone prepares the body for conception and pregnancy and regulates the monthly menstrual cycle. Increasing aggression, taking pressure at the workplace as well as the home front, raising children is almost becoming a block for a modern woman. They feel children can interfere with their freedom. Till the time they get ready for having a child, biological process of a feminine body slows down.

Here we need to understand very clearly man and woman can never be same, the design entirely different from each other. Freedom, liberation is a mental concept and physical liberation is a reflection. Women should understand the actual meaning of freedom and empowerment without losing their own feminine energy or without losing the hormonal balance. To acquire this state they have to accept their own existence without any conflict. Male and female complement each other, they can not compete with each other.