Children can get #Hernia. More importantly male child can acquire Inguinal Hernia (Groin Hernia) at a younger age and the parents can find them out easily. When the child urinates, if you notice a soft bulge in the groin, it can be signs of Hernia. In infants, if they cry while urinating, notice for a soft bulge in the groin. If this condition is present, it can be a sign to the parents to bring it to the notice of the surgeon or a pediatrician. Or even during simple crying parents if can make out a bulge in the groin it could be Hernia. Even incessant cry could be due to hernia!

If male children born with descended testis they have every likely chance of having hernia now or in the future when they grow up! 

 #Phimosis is a condition where the foreskin of the male genital is tight and cannot be pulled back causing difficulty passing urine . Presence of Phimosis and Descended Testis  can be one of the markers for#GroinHernia in children.!!

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