We often blame our slow metabolism for our inability to lose weight. What does this term stand for and what value does it hold in maintaining life processes? Metabolism basically refers to the number of calories our body at rest uses each day to keep our body functioning.

Is there a way this natural mechanism of body can be manipulated? Turns out, you can increase your body metabolism. Any of the following can help you rev your metabolic rate and burn more calories naturally.

Exercise: Every time you exercise, your body's metabolic rate increases. It also helps you build muscle, that requires more energy to maintain, so that further increases your metabolic rate.

Diet: Try and include lot of lean proteins (chicken, turkey) and fibre (beans, peas) in the diet. Body utilises 30% more energy in digesting it as compared to carbohydrates.

Liquidate: Try and keep yourself rehydrated, it helps. When you drink cold water, your body actually burns more calories to compensate loss of the body temperature. Research has shown that drinking green tea helps the body burn calories at a faster rate.

Time your meals: When you eat food, body burns some amount of food in digesting it, so a positive way to rev up your metabolism is by spreading your meals throughout the day. Have 6 small frequent meals rather than having 3 large meals throughout the day. This is a natural workout for your system.

Get adequate sleep: 8 hrs of sleep is the recommendation for maintaining a healthy life, gaining muscle which helps you increase metabolic rate and losing weight.

Vitamin & mineral supplements: Regular intake of vitamin and mineral helps in maintain the balance of chemical processes that change the food consumed into energy. It’s a good idea to include variety of fruits and vegetables for constant supply of vitamin and minerals to the body one can include supplements also.