When a baby is born, baby cries opening up lungs and we the doctors laugh heaving a sigh of relief that breathing is normal. If given a proper environment to breathe naturally, there is no need to give additional oxygen as a therapy and we do let the baby cry for some time creating havoc in labour room. There is no voice sweeter than the voice of a non-stop crying of the baby right after birth.

We as adults get our pink lungs at birth and these pink lungs turn to grey-black due to smoke and pollution.

Oxygen is not only therapy but life-giving force. Our lungs are not capable of holding oxygen, due to space occupied by pollutants and fibres associated with foreign bodies. It looks and feels like we are Breathing with lots of efforts put in.

How to improve breathing through exercises?

1) Inhale oxygen through fresh plants with no dust on leaves or keep an Oxygen concentrator at home: A simple machine that concentrates the oxygen present in the air. It costs about 40K and lasts for years without calling a maintenance guy. Easy to transport from one room to another as it has wheels with a long wire.

2) Buy a tiny Spirometer: It is available online and the cost is 200-500/- only. There are colourful balls in this small machine which can be fitted in office bag. One has to breathe in this machine, to make colourful balls move up and down. Keep repeating till cough reflex is generated, and one feels like spitting out the pollutants inhaled. Looks and sounds difficult but it is worth giving a try. One will get used to it. Even normal people should start this simple breathing exercise. There is no harm in empowering lungs!

3) Deep breathe through one nostril, breathe out through other nostril and keep repeating it as many times as possible: If we have to live amidst pollution, we have choices to avoid pollution which is equal to 8 cigarettes in a day and make our lungs strong to face the pollutants.