Every single organ in our body whether it is small or big has has a big significance for overall healthy living. People tend to ignore warning signs of big problems and give care and attention only after they are damaged. People generally realise the importance of a specific part of our body only after it is not working properly. For instance, “repeatedly not seeking treatment for simple urinary track infections may lead to life long kidney failure”. 

Likewise we tend to ignore teeth problems until it is too late . If you attend regular visits to your dental doctor , you are very likely to find your dental problems at early stage which can be corrected , without pain ,less time and more importantly without costing too much .For example a simple decayed tooth if found earlier can be filled easily , but ignoring it for a long time may lead to swelling , pain and you might end up needing a root canal therapy and cap for that tooth.

Tooth can be lost due to severe gum disease, deep decay or by accidents.When you have missing tooth , the newest and the smartest way to replace tooth is DENTAL IMPLANTS. Dental implants are ,artificial root like structures usually made on titanium metal, can be easily placed inside the jaw bone and will anchor the missing tooth crown; Dental implants are in use since 1960s but their use became popular in developed nations since 1980s. In India last ten years number of people having dental treatment have increased dramatically. Implant- supported artificial tooth can give more natural appearance and function like your own tooth . 

Elderly patients who are currently using loose dentures will also benefit by transforming their old denture into implant supported denture which could enhance their biting force 5 times and able to retain denture without falling or shaking and can eat and talk with confidence.