Maintaining good oral health is one of the most important thing. Everyone wants to have a great smile, which is why good oral hygiene is important. However mouth is the index of your body. Manifestations of systemic diseases are first seen in oral cavity.Oral diseases and systemic diseases are interlinked. Systemic diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, HIV etc, have impact on oral health.Maintaining oral health includes maintaining your gums and teeth.,The tooth structure is embedded in the bone supported by gums around. So improper or poor maintenance of teeth and gums can cause bone loss.Inadequate bone support leads to loosening of teeth from the tooth socket.Poor oral hygiene refers to presence of deposits in and around your gums and on teeth.These deposits are bacterial infections, composed of calcium and phosphate salts.These deposits are referred in technical term as Calculus.It s formed over a course of time when food debris on the tooth is not been cleaned properly.This leads to inflammation of gums causing Gingivitis.Bad breath, bleeding gums, salty taste are symptoms of gum disease.This eventually when left untreated leads to bone loss and tooth weakening. This condition is known as Periodontitis

Practising good oral hygiene not only refers to brushing your teeth twice daily but also flossing, avoiding tobacco and limiting sodas, alcohol, and coffee.In addition to good oral hygiene, diet also plays a key role in keeping teeth healthy.So visit your dentist 6 months once to enhance your smile.