Have you ever wondered why do we need Liver? Because it is the most amazing organ in a human body. It breaks down the food we eat so that it’s digested and releases energy for performing daily tasks. A healthy liver is important for overall body health. This bodily organ is so important that if it stops functioning we won’t survive even one day. 

Listed here are 7 amazing facts about Liver that you should know and start taking care of it right away:

1. Generates Energy

The liver is the warehouse of our body which stocks up important vitamins and nutrient from the food we consume. It regulates the supply of iron for our body and generates energy for us to be active all day.

2. Regenerates

The liver is the only organ in our whole body which can grow back. This makes the Liver donation possible and simple. When a part of one’s liver is transplanted into another, it grows into a fully functional liver.

3. Detoxifies

The liver is the biggest detoxifying agent in our body. It detoxifies the harmful substances we take in such as alcohol and drugs. So, it just refines and cut off all the harmful elements for our body to help us live healthier.

4. Produces Blood

The most important function of the liver is to produce blood. Liver starts generating blood even before we are born. Without the liver, we won’t have the blood that we need to survive.

5. Medicine Converter

The liver converts the medicines we take into a form that is acceptable to our body. Without this function, our body would not be able to take in and process the medicines.

6. Stocks up Sugar

Liver boosts the body when running low. To perform this it stores up the sugar content we take in and supplies it through blood whenever we need it. Without this function, our body might get ill severely.

7. Produces Bile

The liver produces a substance called Bile. The bile produced by the liver helps in removing toxins and breaks down fat into smaller particles so that the pancreatic lipase can digest fat better. So, it’s time we understand the importance of human Liver. It is so important that if it stops functioning even for a single day, a person will simply die. Unfortunately, it is one of the least thought about organs. 

So, it is the time that we change our view and start giving it the much-deserved attention.