Irritations eroding self esteem

We all know that IQ (intelligent quotient) plays major role in our credibility, achievement, success, position in our lives. It helps us to be with others in all areas / aspects of life; professional, personal, societal & so on. We feel a sense of confidence as well as satisfaction with self esteem with our peers, relations, society. But what becomes important in what stages of life seems to be my interest of discussion. 

Let us try to understand the meanings of above said topic & then discuss the importance over one another subsequently.

  • IQ(A): This implies Intelligent Quotient which is required to achieve Academically for stabilizing our needs to live life with grace & self esteem. We feel good to improve as well as feel proud to have good IQ to feel satisfied in different aspects of life.
  • IQ(B) Behavioral IQ - Its not intelligent quotient but Irritability Quotient which implies the capability of an human to get irritable in different aspects of life in science of behaviorism. How quickly / easily a person can get irritable. It shows his/ her patience level to deal , think & execute his/ her knowledge or Neutrality to unlock the ways of peace & happiness in life. In every field of life whether its professional/ personal/ relationships, high IQ(B) becomes very important & logical in understanding others rationally.
  • IQ(A) is self built mental faculty credibility of an individual which a person inherit from his/her parents & develop the same with his peers, family & so on.
  • IQ(B) depends upon various factors in life such as lack of sources,work culture, relationships with in family,internal medical problems, behavior of society, interactions with different personalities & what not. List is endless. But do we think we can improve our Irritability quotient / threshold in order to lead a peaceful & happier lives for years to come. The answer is YES, we can.

Its very difficult to pen down the techniques of improving our IQ(B). Lets discuss the few. We usually get affected by others easily. How  others think about me rather than  thinking HOW AM I. Its our perception how we respond to situations of life which could make us irritable for ex: why my room is not clean today / How come you not prepared dinner for me in time(Husband to wife) / Why didn't you pick up my phone etc. etc.

When we understand the nature/ temperament of individual we are interacting, we are supposed not to EXPECT so much what we want them to do. Rather we are free to ACCEPT how they are & how much they can execute what we demands from them. This feeling of acceptance will make us CALM to execute the future interactions with different personalities of this world. As someone said quite rationally ie EXPECTATIONS finally leads to TEARS &  on other side, ACCEPTANCE leads to CHEERS.

There are many things to say but finally I would like to conclude that penning down your thoughts (Automatic / Negative) in one column & your negative response in other column followed by YOUR RATIONAL RESPONSE when you are CALM sometime is found to be very effective in improving your IQ(B) which will eventually facilitate your IQ(A) in executing best practices for peaceful lives. peacefulpeahappier lives forever .