One cannot live on Bread alone, nor one can live by eating fruits & salads either. Specially the growing up teenagers.

Teenagers grow up tall till age 21 & 19 is just a number! I happened to interpret reports of a 18 years old boy, who got tested for Insurance Purposes (Renewal of Annual Premium. His father was worried because his son was studying in an engineering college in another city, living in a hostel.

Professional college studies are difficult & students cannot afford to spend hours working out in the gym or exercising. They cannot survive only on protein supplements & fruits too.

Unfortunately we have very few qualified people dealing with Nutrition Science. Any 5th grader can pose to be a consultant to earn easy money.

The student had Total Cholesterol in the range of 100-130 only.

He was on No Fat Diet. Low Levels of Cholesterol are as dangerous as High Levels of total Cholesterol (risks of blockages in the blood vessels through wax like substance called plaque).

Low Levels of Cholesterol Can Cause-

  • Delayed Wound Healing
  • Low Immunity, making person prone to Chronic diseases like Arthritis at a younger age, Asthma, Cancers, Vague complaints of uneasiness and Mood Disorder.
  • Healthy Levels Of Good Cholesterol are as important as Total Blood Count, for adequate amounts of Haemoglobin (no Anemia) or Platelet Counts (avoid excessive bleeding).

Is Whey Protein all a young adult needs?

Absolutely not. It is just a protein. Milk & Curds are proteins too, which make a newborn weighing 3 kgs at birth to 10 kgs at First Birthday.

Youth of the country are our future and should be guided well to eat right during their student years (despite living in hostels far away from homes). Here are quick dietary tips that the youth should follow for a healthy life:

  • Eat a Balanced Diet of good fats (spoon of Pure Ghee/ Butter, some assorted nuts),  simple digestible proteins (Milks, Curds , Boiled eggs, good carbs (Rice, Wheat & Coarse grains), vitamins & minerals  (Seasonal Vegetables & Fruits) and drink lots of water.
  • Moderate Exercise to suit the lifestyle without following the herd mentality.
  • Rules of Eating Healthy & Exercising regularly are set during the growing years. So, as a youth, it is essential to set the right rules.