Breakfast is considered very important meal of the day. After a starvation period of almost 12 hours we need to break the fast and have a calorie dense carbohydrate rich meal which will act like a fuel for your whole day ahead. 

Usually people have tendency to skip breakfast or have a very light breakfast which is not a good practice. Skipping breakfast can result in hypoglycemia, excess weight gain, stress resulting into bad beginning of your day. 

  • A normal healthy individual should include 60% cereal based breakfast items like oats, veg poha (rice flakes), veg upma (wheat semolina/rava), veg chilla made of besan and wheat flour, cornflakes or a simple paratha with veg stuffing of potato, cabbage or fenugreek. 
  • Along with this a glass of skimmed fat free milk is also important for calcium build up. 
  • Many people have fruits also in breakfast which is healthier option but not just fruit and milk, carbs are equally important since they are the main source of energy.