As modern manual medicine grows exponentially, with new developments and paradigm shifts, the practitioner, unfortunately, is cornered with growing social indictment of ineptitude and inappropriate profit-making. Amidst this chaos, the Government has added newer confusion and laws, which merely intimidates the practitioner further. The media is doing, what it does best- adding fuel to fire.  

  1. Safe: Let's choose our patients correctly. We only go as far as we are capable with our own knowledge and the resources we have at hand.  
  2. Smart: Implement all the tactics of a sound and ethical business, inform our clients regularly, use technology usefully and impress clients (patients) with modern day business practices (which also includes excellent documentation). Be smart, be suave, after all, aren't you the creamy layer of the intelligentsia.  
  3. Scientific: Let us be reasonably updated to the current understanding in our fields so that our treatment is contemporary and up to date.  
  4. Satisfactory: Our practice should be such that it allows us to be satisfied with it. Seeing too many patients in too short time is counterproductive in the long run. Let's not allow the horses of our wishes go uncontrolled.  
  5. Sociable: Mingle with society more often. It's a common observation that most doctors do not socialise with the general society. Many are only interacting with "physiotherapy associations". Interacting with society in general always makes you a part of the society, it helps people understand your problems, your limitations and the hardships you face.

In the words of Patch Adams " You treat a disease, you win, you lose. You treat a person, I guarantee you, you'll win, no matter what the outcome."