Pain, a broken tooth, cavities, irregularly placed teeth are some of the most common complaints that patients come to us with. In earlier days, the only option available was to remove the tooth at fault. But with time we have so many treatment options to try and save the tooth. But still, at times a tooth is damaged to such an extent that it is impossible to save it and the only option left is to remove it. And everybody can imagine the sorrow of losing a tooth! 

Once a tooth is removed it needs to be replaced soon to avoid future problems. If it is not replaced soon, neighbouring teeth start occupying the empty space making it difficult to chew. Thinking about replacing the missing tooth gives rise to worrying thoughts like ‘will it look natural? ‘will the replacement last for a long time or get damaged within few years?’, ‘what about my neighbouring teeth?’ and so on. But today we have the perfect solution to put our worries at rest. Yes, you guessed it right; IMPLANT is the solution for all problems associated with replacing a missing tooth. 

And guess what, if the situation allows then we don’t even need to wait for 2-3 months after removing the tooth and before placing an implant. It is called as placing an immediate IMPLANT. 

A few months back, a patient came to clinic with a complaint of a decayed tooth. After checking we took an x-ray of the tooth and found that the tooth was badly decayed and beyond repair. The only treatment option was to remove the tooth and replace it. As the neighbouring teeth were perfectly fine the ideal option was to replace the tooth with Implant. We explained the patient about Implant procedure and he was glad to know that his neighbouring teeth were going to be spared from any treatment. So we extracted the badly decayed tooth. On extracting, the surrounding bone was in good condition so we placed an implant immediately. We waited for a period of 3 months for biologic integration of the implant in the surrounding bone and then gave a crown over the implant. As the conditions were ideal we could place implant immediately which decreased the total treatment period and allowed us to preserve surrounding hard and soft tissue structure giving the replaced structure a perfectly natural look. 

Next time you come across anyone who has a tooth which needs to be removed, ask him/her to inquire about the possibility of placing an immediate Implant.