From illness to wellness what a turnaround, only the experienced exalts


An Off-thought

YOUR BODY IS THE GURUSHETHRA,If life is like Mahabharatha, a Diabetic is akin to Draupadi. As the disease progresses, the diabetic develops many complications, which can be depicted like her five consorts, the Pancha Pandavas.

1. Neuropathy - Affliction of Nerves

2. Retinopathy - The diminishing vision

3. Nephropathy - The progressive Kidney damage

4. Cardiopathy - The weakening heart and its portals, the blood vessels

5. Myopathy - The enfeebled muscles 

Unfortunately none of the Pathys (Husband) can be divorced.

So learn to live with them amicably,, yet keeping them in check, without going into Agnyadha-vasa.