In India, We have a tendency to visit dentist very lately. 92% of common dental problems are caused by just "IGNORANCE". We have a huge myth & that is " IF MY TEETH ARE NOT CAUSING PAIN, THEY ARE HEALTHY". 74% of people do not consult a dentist at first occurrence of Teeth pain or Gum Bleeding. And at the later stage, They have to undergo major treatments that would cost them huge. So, Visiting dentist early, is good for your teeth and for your pocket, too.

Here are Some small signs You should not Ignore.

1. Black spot over your tooth, especially in fissures.

Not all the black spots are decay but most of them surely are. If they are just in your Enamel ( Outer Most Layer of Tooth ), it will not cause any kind of pain, but that doesn't mean to ignore it. By the time it will get worse only. The day it will affect the second and the innermost pulp of the tooth, It will start causing Pain & may break your teeth in near future. 

Initial Decay

It is the perfect time to act for your tooth. At the initial stage of decay, we can remove it and restore with one of the many materials available having different properties as per the need. If you ignore this sign, It may not cause pain for a longer time but later it will go in such conditions that you will have to get Root Canal Treatment (RCT) or You may break or lose your tooth. 

And remember that tooth filling costs are mostly 8-10 times cheaper than RCT or any other major treatments you have to undergo after that.

2. Yellowish or Grayish deposition over teeth especially near gums.

This deposits may not be causing any problem to you at the moment, But It's definitely going to create big problems in future. These are plaque & tartar depositions mixed with bacteria & Food Particles. As time elapses, It will increase in size, infect gums, cause bad breath, dissolve the bone of the socket of teeth. Ultimately, It will make you lose your tooth.

Act as soon as you notice any deposition over your teeth, Check especially at inside part of your lower front teeth. Get your teeth cleaned at least once a year. If you ignore this sign, It may lead you to pyorrhoea and Major Gum Infections. At a later stage, You may have to lose some teeth or undergo Gum Flap Surgery. 

And remember that tooth Cleaning costs are cheaper than Flap surgery or Treatment of pyorrhoea.

3. Food Accumulation at a particular site again & again.

There is a place where food particles accumulate repeatedly and you get some toothpick or similar thing and removes it, That's it!! NO, This Thing doesn't finish here. You may not be having pain or discomfort at the moment But this is the place, where mostly decay starts. There are always some food particles left behind, which allows bacteria to start eating your tooth slowly & gradually hiding between two teeth and grow rapidly without even being noticed! The day you will get notice will be mostly the day you start having pain.

Consult Your dentist soon and he will check for the critical areas and Decay.  If you ignore this sign, It may gradually convert into a pocket formation of gums, It will give a more prone area for decay to grow faster and soon your tooth needs Root Canal. 

And Remember that Prevention is always cheaper than cure.

4. Decayed primary teeth of children.

 Many times I have seen that parents already know that their child is having black decayed tooth, yet they ignore it as the child is not complaining of pain!! Decayed primary teeth may not cause pain sometimes but it will surely affect its natural shedding process and affect the eruption of permanent teeth.

If you ignore this sign, Eventually It affects the shedding of primary teeth, It may result into improperly aligned, crooked or proclaimed permanent teeth. 

And remember that, the treatment of improper alignment of teeth at a later stage, is way costlier than the treatment of primary teeth at a proper time.

5. Ignorance in replacement of your extracted teeth.

People have the tendency to get their teeth extracted instead of saving them and after extracting they think the problem is solved!! NO, the problem starts from here only.  Missing several teeth can severely influence your daily life. It can affect your general health, your appearance, and self-esteem. 

Tooth Movement after Extraction

If you ignore this sign, Eventually It affects the surrounding teeth. Adjacent teeth may drift into a gap from their place, it can lead to jaw bone loss at the site of the gap. Missing teeth may alter facial structures. 

And Remember that, Reports have been seen that missing teeth always affects nutrition & The value of Nutrition is precious.

Let These Smaller Signs Work For You & Have You A Healthy Smile With A Healthy Pocket.