There are lots and lots of nutritious values in nuts. it contains numerous vitamins, minerals, calcium, omega 3, unsaturated fatty acids etc. and even more. simply, we can say its an power house in our body.

                     And, if you want healthy heart and boosted brain follow this steps.

Benefits of Nuts

  •     There are many many many!!! benefits.
  •      Nuts will do miracles in our daily fife.
  •      It is used to prevent most of the diseases.
  •      And also it controls weight, cholesterol, diabetes, anemia, heart disease etc.


  •     Walnut is essential for daily life circumstances. 
  •     It contain protein and fatty acids.
  •     it reduce the risk of cancer, particularly good for breast cancer.
  •     Because of it look like brain, it is good for brain health also which contain omega-3s.


  •      Worrying about pale skin? 

                           dont worry pista is there.

  •         It will increase hemoglobin level and boost immunity.
  •         Also for beautiful skin and prevent aging.


  •         it is very friendly to heart and improves the vitality.
  •         it is good for heart, blood, eye, weight loss because it contains vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants.


  •        Great food for overall health.
  •        It will drop your bad cholesterol.
  •        Good for your beautiful skin and carrying heart.

Best Time To Eat Nuts

  1.         If you want maximum benefit take nuts in the morning especially almond will do lot of magic in               your daily life.
  2.         Take nuts in evening like pista, cashew, pine nuts. it will boost up your immunity, stamina after a              hard heavy work.
  3.         Take walnut in night time.
  4.         Try to avoid high, rich, delicious nuts in night which will disturb your sleep.
  5.          Avoid nuts roasted in oil and coated in chocolate.

        Avoid eating after food, because its not a medicine

        Eat when you are in a hungry, because it is best food.

Quantity you want to take

         Take one ounce per day i.e one fits of your hand. averagely it may be 25-28

          Try to combine mixture of nuts to gain more nutritious.

                   The recent study shows nuts in daily life promotes healthy living and longer lives.

Have a Healthy and Delicious Life with Delicious Nuts...