It is indeed a difficult situation for family and friends when their kin or next to kin is in the Intensive Care Unit. It, of course, means that the patient isn’t in their best of health. In fact in most cases in the ICU, they are somehow fighting a battle between life and death.

But the ICU can only operate well with your cooperation. Every hospital has a rule and that’s in the best interest of the patients. Family and friends often tend to forget that. If you along with a large group of people (also friends and family of the patient) cluster before the ICU, that’s not going to help the ongoing treatment.

In fact, it created chaos like situation and the staff can’t do their work properly. Moreover, talking, crying, laughing, etc. all are not appreciated in the ICU area. It needs to be a silent place where treatment can be done efficiently by Doctors and supporting staff.

Another thing to keep in mind is to not bombard doctors and staff as they come out of the ICU. They are doing their jobs best they can. Of course, they are answerable to you as to what’s the status but don’t demand an explanation every other minute. Let them do their job. The doctor will himself call any family member and update him/her with the situation. Stay calm!

There isn’t any rule book where all this is written but these are common etiquettes every one of you should follow if the time comes.