My dear "young on calendar" & "young at heart" Cigarette Smokers. Nah, don't mistake those capitals for respect. Anyways, that's not the matter of discussion for now. I am sure you have double checked if your cars have safety airbags - but have you really been treating  your own "air bags" deep down inside your chest very well? Have you? 

Well, well, now if I either of us entered into a house full of tar dust, carbon monoxide, and nicotine, am sure we wouldn't really be fond of our hosts. But I guess most people get used to this. But what about hypertension or high blood pressure. Hmm yes, sure you could pop a pill for the rest of your life to take care of that. And lung cancer, cancer of the mouth, or that of the voice box ?? - oh come on.. that blah blah cancer is not gonna touch you for several years, maybe not for a decade or two.. certainly not before you are married and settling or have kids or waiting to play with your grandchildren. 

But guys, there's much more before that! Smoking is genuinely linked to erectile dysfunction and reduced sperm count (and we can see enough number of fertility clinics mushrooming around us; if at all you knew that quitting smoking could help!) And before you even reached there - you come to the dermatologist while still in college or before your wedding seeking better hair and skin. Now any amount of peels and lasers and PRPs that I could offer you wouldn't hit the bull's eye unless the bull quits smoking! 

Yes, smoking does cause increased wrinkling, ageing of the skin, also premature greying of hair and sure you'll look like you were in your 40's when you have barely reached 30. And nicotine and tar don't spare the blood vessels supplying your tiny hair follicles (even if you thought that smoking may have spared the vessels of your heart). Yes, smokers could go bald more easily than non-smokers! So do consider quitting smoking at least for your hair and skin! Am sure there isn't so much space on your cigarette pack to include all of this, so they just got away mentioning minor problems like lung cancer that you aren't really bothered about.