The chance of a person getting cancer depends upon a lot of factors. Amongst these are factors like one’s age, work, location, sex, lifestyle habits and occupation. There is constant research done regarding the groups which face a higher risk of getting cancer. Such as, groups of people working in industries which deal with chemicals like benzene on a daily bases can be at a higher risk of getting cancer.

Moreover, researchers have found that working women who have occupations that require a high level of skill (e.g. engineer, lawyer, scientist) can be at a higher risk of getting cancer as well. Consequently, women who have jobs that don’t require a high level of skill (e.g. housemaid, cleaner) are not at a higher risk.

Research like this is incredibly helpful in preventing new cancer cases and delving deeper into causative factors of getting cancer in the first place. India has a very large number of women professionals in skilled occupations which is growing steadily and might be the reason to a growing number of breast cancer cases as well, however it is not a definite conclusion. An opposing argument can very well be that the growing mass of working women in India is leading to regular screenings and employee health check-ups that are initiated by corporate organizations and therefore a higher detection of cases.

It is also said that women who consume alcohol have a higher risk of getting cancer and key to prevention lies in following a diet that reduces your chances of cancer. Some have speculated that the reason women who have jobs that require a high level of skill are at greater risk maybe due to the fact their occupation may expose them to higher levels of stress, lack of sleep, poor nutrition and lifestyle.

Therefore controlling your chances is very much in your hands.

Such as:

 Regular screenings – Such as a self-breast examination once a month / Pap smear once in three years / mammograms once a year for women 45 years and above.

Lifestyle – One can further minimise their chances by leading an active lifestyle, balanced diet, rest-full sleep and engaging in stress relieving techniques such as meditation.

Knowledge – Knowledge is power when it comes to cancer and we cannot stress on this any further. Enriching your knowledge on how to live healthier and knowing your environment and surroundings can be lifesaving.