When your friend starts behaving like Sonam Kapoor because of being hungry think of a state called pre-diabetes. People feel hungry after a full course meal, mostly after 2 hours and complain of sweating, hunger pangs, palpitations, and is relieved by a snack.

This is a common picture with mild to moderate overweight people with greasy black neck and armpits.Their is a history of diabetes amongst their family members especially parents. These are a group of people who are  standing at the dawn of diabetes.

They have high insulin levels in blood and there is insulin resistance.Whenever someone witnesses such episodes they end up eating more and that further increases weight, obesity, insulin resistance and hypoglycaemia after meals.

If from now onwards you feel hungry mostly after meals think of pre-diabetes not snickers.

Treatment lies in weight loss, and proper Endocrine evaluation and follow up. Diet, regular exercise and weight loss are the main pillars of treatment.

picture-credits: google