Having a healthy sexual relationship is some thing which every couple desires. But there are some sexual dysfunctions which are found in women which can affect the sex life of a couple. There are also several dysfunctions which are found in men too but here you will be connect rating on women dysfunctions only. Are you facing any type of difficulty which is hampering your relationship with a partner at the time of sexual intercourse? If yes, then we will strictly recommend getting in touch with the best sexologist.

Inhibited sexual desire:

It indicates a lack of desire to enjoy sexual life. There can be many reasons for the same and can happen due to different medical conditions, stress, fatigue, boredom due to regular sexual encounters and many more reasons. It can even be due to family problems or career demand. A sexologist can take a note of all these factors and recommend effective treatment and lifestyle change suggestions to cope up with the problem.

Lack of arousal for sex:

In women, lack of ability to become aroused physically during a sexual encounter often happens due to insufficient vaginal lubrication. It can also happen due to anxiety and also for inadequate stimulation. Even blood flow issues can also affect the vagina which causes arousal problems. A sexologist will suggest a few tests and decide the root cause for the problem before recommending any treatment for recovery.

Pain at the time of intercourse:

This is a problem which lacks sexual climax. Such a problem may be caused due to woman's sexual inhibition, insufficient knowledge about sex, inexperience, and may also be due to psychological reasons like guilt, trauma, and anxiety or abuse. 

Apart from the above, sexual dysfunction may happen due to lack of orgasm or aging problems. Do not try any home made solutions for such problems as it may degrade the condition. Consult sexologist for best assistance and solutions.