Feet are the most vital part of the human body. They help us to move around the world. Everyone likes to keep their feet smooth and clean. 

The waterlogged streets, moist cool atmosphere, and dampness bring various foot and skin problems such as the development of fungal and bacterial infection. There are some tips to get rid of all these.

Monsoon foot care tips:

  • Keep them dry.
  • Do not soak feet in rainwater and avoid walking in puddles.
  • Go out with shoes rather than sandals. Shoes give the full protection than the sandals. If feet are wet fungal and bacterial infections are easily spread around your feet.
  • Use the antiseptic liquids in the cleaning water.
  • Do daily gentle foot scrubbing-Use foot moisturizer
  • Do not to go out with wounds in feet
  • Apply the antiseptic gels if need.

Following foot care will avoid foot and toe infections in the rainy season.