Around 62 million individuals suffer from Diabetes in India. It constitutes to more than 7.1% of the adult population. A study taken ahead by the American Diabetes Association reports that India will see the greatest increase in people diagnosed with diabetes by 2030.The figures are alarming. 

If you look around, there must be someone in your family or friend circle suffering from diabetes for sure. Patients suffering from diabetes need to have a proper regulation of blood sugar. The absence of insulin tends to deregulate the blood sugar. 

A little change in lifestyle can help the patient cope up with diabetes. If you have someone to take care of who is suffering from diabetes, these tips will come handy:

  • Be sensitive – The biggest support to a diabetic patient would be your patience. Be sensitive towards them. Listening to them helps in a lot many ways. Allow them to open up regarding their fear, problems and issues. You too should put efforts into educating yourself about the disease.
  • Altering the diet – For a diabetic patient, diet is crucial. Include green leafy vegetables and fruits in the diet as much as you can. Vegetable snacks like crunchy carrots in between of meals are important. Eating whole grains and fishes is also significant to the diet.
  • Recognise the low blood pressure symptoms – This condition might occur if the patient eats too less or takes too much of insulin. Some of the symptoms of low blood pressure include dizziness, sleepiness, shaking, sweating, hunger or/and unconsciousness. Reach out to your family doctor whenever these symptoms arrive.
  • Recognise the high blood pressure symptoms – High blood pressure condition can occur when the patient either eats too much or takes insufficient insulin. Some of the symptoms are blurry vision, dry mouth, yeast infection, nausea or /and most frequent urination. When you come across these symptoms, consult the doctor immediately.
  • Learn how to inject – If you are taking the care of a child or an elderly person, it is best that you learn how to give insulin injections. To learn how to do it, you must talk to the doctor in charge.
  • Exercise regularly – One of a great way of keeping the blood sugar level under control is through exercising. You can try to indulge the diabetic person you are taking care of in the various set of exercise every day. It will not just keep the person physically fit but also mentally


  • Regular visits – Irrespective of whether the patient’s blood sugar level is under control or not, always make it a point to get the regular checkups done.

It might get a little difficult at times to take care of the individual who is suffering from diabetes but, a little patience and empathy can get you there. As a caretaker, you must be as supportive as you can in whatever ways. At the same time, you need to make the individual feel that he/she can still live the life to the fullest if the diet and lifestyle are properly taken care of.