Bullying is so commonly seen among children these days. We need to take a strong stand against bullying. It can ruin someone’s entire life; it can damage self esteem of a child. 

Good thing is that people in the community have started recognizing it and lots of efforts are being made at different levels to prevent bullying.

Few basic strategies which can help in preventing Bullying of your child are:

  • Discuss and talk about it: Discuss with your children and family about this topic of bullying. Share your experience, may be your child will open up easily after it. Praise your kids, if he/ she open up and provide unconditional love and support to them.
  • Consult with School Staff: Discuss with teachers and counselors at school regarding their policies on bullying and how do they tackle it, if a case arises.
  • Remove the bait: If bullying is occurring due to a money which child carry for lunch or any fancy gadget which your child is carrying; then stop it. Remove anything which your kids think is the root cause of bullying. Never shy away from discussing with school teacher.
  • Have a Buddy for your child: Having a safety buddy with whom your kid feel safe will be a good option. Tell your child to have a buddy with them; whenever they think the bully may strike like in school bus, washrooms, empty corridors etc.
  • Try to Ignore and keep calm: Bully feel satisfied if they see you getting frustrated and irritated; it gives them a high. If you do not react to bullies, it takes away the basic pleasure for which bully is doing it. SO your child’s best chance is to ask the bully to stop it and walk away from there. And if needed report to appropriate person/authority soon after.
  • Do not try to battle it out on your own: Many a times you might need to involve the parents of the bully. But do it in presence a counselor who can mediate.
  • Be confident; bullies don’t like people who are not afraid.  

Discussion and supporting your child through this tough phase is the key. Spending quality time with your child will help them to open up with you.

Feel free to talk to your pediatrician or child psychologist regarding this issue.