You would have heard about fake milk, fake oil present in the market, but now your rice is also fake. Know these easy ways, which will prove which rice is real and which is made of plastic.If such plastic rice comes in front of you then how will you recognize them? Know these easy ways:


What are the side effects of Fake rice on your body: 

  • Plastic rice can causes Digestive system problems.
  • Regular intake of fake plastic rice can cause Cancer.

Water Test- Take a big spoon of rice and put it in a glass of water and keep it running for a while. If after a few minutes the rice starts to rise above the water, then know that the rice is 100 percent fake because the real rice never floats on the water but it is immersed in it.

Test in hot oil - Heat the oil in a pan, then add about half cup of rice in it ,if it is made of plastic, then it will melt and will stick with each other and also stick on the bottom of the pan.

Fire Test- Take a handful of rice and burn it on a paper. If there is a smell like burning from plastic to rice, then know that it is not worth eating rice. 

Boiling Test - Boil a two handful of rice in a large vessel. If the rice is fake, then a thick layer on the upper surface of the water will be formed, which will be of plastic material.

Fungal Test- Even after boiling rice, if you are suspicious that it is fake rice, then keep it in a bottle and keep it for 3 days. If during this time the rice starts to become fungal then it is real because plastic does catch fungus.