Leg fracture, a painful yet frequent condition, is often detected or doubted in situations when the patient can’t get immediate expert help. In these cases, mostly road accidents, first aid plays a very important role in managing leg fracture effectively and reducing complications related to it. Therefore, it is very important for all to know the first aid treatment related to it. 

Here are few tips on how you can manage leg fracture on the spot:

  • Immobilise: Immobilising the broken limb is essential in order to avoid further soft tissue damage and avoid any nerve or vessel damage. An umbrella, stick, or newspaper roll can be used as a sling to immobilise the part temporarily and the person should be rushed to the nearby hospital.
  • Stop bleeding: If the fracture is of the open type then it becomes important to control bleeding. Try to keep the limb elevated and tie a sterile bandage on the affected area. Cold can be applied as it helps in vasoconstriction of blood vessels and causes less bleeding. It also helps in relieving pain. Cold should not be applied for more than 10-15 minutes.
  • Avoid swelling: Swelling in the limb may cause many complications and should be avoided at any cost. Elevate the limb and wrap an elastic or crepe bandage around the limb to avoid swelling. Compare the affected limb with normal limb even after you got a plaster cast. Report your doctor if you notice any increase in limb size.
  • Inspect the limb: Always check if the limb looks pale and touch to see if it is cold. These signs are present when blood circulation is obstructed. Try to free the limb as much as possible and rush him to the doctor. It may lead to gangrene if not treated on time.

Dr Suresh Bansal, our orthopaedic surgeon, claims that he has seen a significant number of cases in his career where the patient reaches him for consultation after much damage has already been done by unrecognised or incapable consultants, claiming to be expert doctors. Therefore, it is important to treat fractures only with the help of expert consultation to avoid further complications.